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If you’re ready to take the next step in your dental journey and straighten your teeth, you may want to consider visiting an orthodontist and getting braces. Though such a process is rather lengthy, you’ll be left with beautiful and effective results. But do keep in mind that this treatment is not necessarily for everyone, so be sure to consult with your dental provider before having any official work done.

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Braces Near You

Why Get Braces

Braces are a great treatment if you’re looking to address issues with your smile, especially because they help improve its cosmetic appearance and functionality. Some of the most common problems include crooked teeth, overcrowding, an unaligned jaw, and irregular bite patterns, mainly underbites, overbites, and crossbones.

Compared to clear aligner therapy, braces are recommended to patients who require more advanced care; as a result, your dentist will most likely refer you to an orthodontist, who specializes in this method of treatment. They’ll invite you to come in for a consultation so they can assess your oral cavity and understand the extent of alterations you need.

Recipients of braces can experience multiple benefits, including:

  • It’ll be easier to eat.
  • It’ll be easier to keep your teeth clean.
  • They’ll help stop more severe dental problems from occurring in the future.
  • You can talk more clearly.
  • Prevents gum disease.
  • Stops bone deterioration.
  • Keeps your teeth from being fractured.
  • Increasing your confidence!
Braces in NE Calgary

Types of Braces

In the past, metal braces were the primary type of braces that patients received. This is not the case nowadays; ceramic braces are available if you’d prefer a more discrete appearance. Lingual braces, which fasten onto the backside of your teeth are another option to consider as well.

Your dentist will collaborate with you to identify the best solution for you. Once this has been decided, impressions of your smile can be made and sent to a separate dental lab where your braces in NE Calgary are created. If you have questions at any time during this process, feel free to let your dentist or orthodontist know so they can help keep you informed and comfortable.

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